Our Friends

Blue Ormer Publishing

Blue Ormer Publishing was established by Steve Foote in 2014, with the aim of publishing books with a connection to the Channel Islands. blueormer.co.uk

Guernsey Art Commission

Guernsey Arts Commission’s aim is to help the arts in Guernsey to grow and develop and to involve more people in the arts. To find out more please visit arts.gg

Guernsey Museums and Galleries

Guernsey Museums look after over 70 historic sites including Castle Cornet, Guernsey Museum at Candie, Fort Grey Shipwreck Museum and the German Naval Signal HQ. To find out more please visit museums.gov.gg

The SYLE Press

Dedicated to maintaining and promoting the works of Sam Youd as author John Christopher.

Sam Youd was born in Lancashire in April 1922, during an unseasonable snowstorm.

As a boy, he was devoted to the newly emergent genre of science-fiction: ‘In the early thirties,’ he later wrote, ‘we knew just enough about the solar system for its possibilities to be a magnet to the imagination.’

Over the following decades, his imagination flowed from science-fiction into general novels, cricket novels, medical novels, gothic romances, detective thrillers, light comedies … In all he published fifty-six novels and a myriad of short stories, under his own name as well as eight different pen-names.

He is perhaps best known as John Christopher, author of the seminal work of speculative fiction, The Death of Grass (today available as a Penguin Classic), and a stream of novels in the genre he pioneered, young adult dystopian fiction, beginning with The Tripods Trilogy.

To find out more please visit thesylepress.com

Mighty Filmmakers Guernsey (formerly known as Guernsey Independent Film Productions)

Mighty Filmmakers aims to create a cultural hub where anyone interested in filmmaking can share their passion with other filmmakers, so the community can learn from each other’s experience and improve skills through conversations as well as hands-on practice. To find out more please visit mightyfilmmakers.mn.co where you can also sign up for free membership.


Is an independent literary journal with a focus on nature writing and visual storytelling.

We commission work from both established and emerging writers and artists, actively seeking out voices that speak from differing perspectives and that offer the reader new insights.

Bringing together the scientist’s findings and the artist’s response, the ecologist’s observation and the writer’s reflection, we ask questions as well as seek to answer them, retaining a sense of wonder at the unseen and unknowable.

By exploring our connection to nature through stories of transformation and startling imagery, we hope we will better understand our place, our responsibilities and the possibilities open to us. www.elementumjournal.com