Our Contributors

Martin Tolcher, a.k.a Biggles (not Martyn Tolcher – that’s a different one!) has attended hundreds of gigs since the mid-1970s – initially in Guernsey, then in the UK and, occasionally, in Europe and the U.S.

These days, most concerts are in London, either in the company of his son (“The Boy”) who lives and works there, or vicariously through The Boy’s reportage of solo attendances.

He still hopes that he will hear the greatest music ever tomorrow, but in the meantime he continues to adore all things Joy Division/New Order/Peter Hook, as well as having a great fondness for catalogues from the likes of Bill Nelson, The Cure, Elvis Costello, Neil Young et al. More and more these days, as he works from his little home office, Martin finds himself listening to modern electronica and jazz.

When not (or whilst) immersing himself in music, he gardens, watches fillums, reads and cooks dinner. And support The Arsenal.