Verity Tolcher’s Woven Artwork

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Verity is a designer born and raised in Guernsey. She was awarded a Degree in Product Design at Edinburgh Napier University before completing her Master of Design at Auckland University of Technology (where she focussed on “handmade film pre-production” during her final year). Now she resides in Sweden where she currently works as a freelance designer and App. developer. In her spare time she likes to read, watch movies, and go for a swim in the ocean whenever she gets the chance.

For the series of weavings exhibited at Sula Gallery, the inspiration came from both Guernsey’s rocky coastline and the snow-covered Swedish forests. The colour tones of the weavings reflect the seasons that they were made in – burnt orange, ochre yellow, and pine green weavings having been made in the Autumn and the cooler-toned tan brown, snow white, and steel grey being made in the winter. Texture was used in the creation of these pieces using a variety of different yarns, including woollen, metallic, twine, and chunky knit as well as different weaving techniques. Specially-made looms where made by Verity in two different sizes in order to utilise the particular sizes she wanted. The mechanics of weaving involved planning out the colours in advance and deciding upon certain pattern within the final piece. However, she also allowed for sections to form and take shape during the weaving process. In addition, the large weaving has a branch gathered from a Swedish forest, then dried and de-barked by hand to add further authenticity to that piece.

Verity also produces abstract paintings, influenced by and themed around places (particularly coasts and inland water) that she is familiar with or has travelled to. Additionally, she has been creating and making greetings cards that take inspiration from old Swedish folklore and traditional sewing patterns, as well as gentle soaps that are sulphate-free, produced in limited batches with unique designs and scents. These have sold well, particularly recently at Swedish craft markets.

Verity is available upon request for any questions or commissions, through her website:
www.vericoolbeanz.com or at vericoolbeanz@gmail.com

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