Liberty Event Poster. Original artwork by Keith Langlois


Thinking On Your Feet in association with Guille-Allés Library

Present: Liberty – An Homage to George Orwell

Tuesday 21st January 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the death of George Orwell – one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. A number of his works are 20th Century classics and feature on many a school curriculum.  Orwell was a staunch believer in upholding the truth in times of mounting strife and state obfuscation.

We wish to commemorate that core belief  – and we need that belief to prevail now more than ever. 

A guide to those appearing in the event

Keith Pengelley – MC

Keith is a founder principal of Thinking On Your Feet. thinkingonyourfeetgg@gmail.com

Deputy Chris Green

Deputy Chris Green was first elected in 2012 and represents the Castel parish. Chris was returned in Castel in 2016 and was subsequently elected as the first President of the Scrutiny Management Committee.

Chris is passionate about making Scrutiny into a potent, effective force in Guernsey politics, where the government is properly held to account and where policies are thoroughly challenged. A view that George Orwell would undoubtable approve.

Clameur de Haro

With a name that speaks of liberty and protest to all Guernsey people – we are thrilled to work with Clameur de Haro who guarantee to bring us the very best in Red Neck covers and place us at the very heart of The Hoedown.

For further band info contact: simonriversgsy@gmail.com


Presents a slideshow inspired by the poem ‘Aleppo In The Sun As It Was’, written by Rowan Sawday and performed live by local actors Steve Molnar and Stephanie Andrijasevic

Used by permission.

Tim Slader

Tim is a published poet and travel writer and wanderer. Tim became fascinated with the story of Orwell retreating from post war London to Jura in the Scottish islands in order to write 1984. So – he travelled and wandered. Tim is a founder principal of Thinking On Your Feet.  thinkingonyourfeetgg@gmail.com

Library Writers Group

Details to be confirmed

Thinking On Your Feet wish to thank Adam Bayfield and the staff of Guille-Alles library for joining with us for the event.

Thinking On Your Feet are:

Dennis Le Prevost

Gary Murchie

Keith Pengelley

Tim Slader


Original Artwork: Keith Langlois

Doors Open: 7pm

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