It Was On A Day Just Like This

Thinking On Your Feet present Tim Slader’s It was on a day just like this at the Guille-Allès Library, Tuesday 7th May, 6:45 for 7 pm.

Following on from last year’s collection ‘How did you find me here?’ Tim Slader introduces his new booklet of poetry and prose – It was on a day just like this. Working with the Guernsey-based art collective Thinking On Your Feet, he brings his own perspective to the world he encounters.

In the past two years, Tim’s work has focused more on observations from his travels and this year’s collection takes in the Red Centre of Australia, the forts of Malta, the back-streets and canals Venice, the desolation of Pripyat, rural England and abandoned cottages in Wales as well as several poems set in Guernsey and Sark. Whilst a number are purely descriptive accounts, he also looks to form stories and characters from the briefest of encounters or observations. He populates the landscape with an array of characters to create an ambience to tell a story. In many pieces there is a sense that although he is searching for something ultimately unfound he is pleased to meet these people and share a journey with them.

Tim’s first collection, Ways to Bottle Sunshine, was launched at the Poetry Society Café in 2016. The first volume of the Dance First Trilogy, it dealt with grief and memory. The second part, Through the Centre to the River, focused on walks through London, where he lives, and the people encountered. The final part, chips & peas etc, is scheduled for 2021.

He has also worked with artist Nicola Troll on a set of books about the British Coast – Looking From the Edge of Albion (East) was published in October 2018. Tim has performed his poetry several times in Guernsey as well as Australia, USA and Finland. After the event in May, he is booked to appear at an event at the Sula Gallery on the 24th of November in the company of several local Guernsey poets, musicians and artists.

Tim is also an award-winning photographer and the booklet accompanying this event contains images taken by both himself and his wife, Helen Bishop.

For further information please contact Thinking On Your Feet at
Email: thinkingonyourfeetgg@gmail.com
Website: www.thinkingonyourfeet.gg

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