Going Underground

Going Underground presented by Thinking On Your Feet and German Underground Hospital.

The first in a series of fund raising events. We are raising funds for the restoration of the final resting place of 2nd Lt. Desmond Mulholland MC within St Martins parochial cemetary.

The date of this special event is Friday 29th March 2019. The venue is the atmospheric German Underground Hospital.

Tickets can be obtained from Eventbrite – attendance limited to 80 persons.

For further information on Desmond’s story please refer to the following publication, which is a fascinating and bitter sweet account of this brave young soldier’s life and times.

No News from Guernsey – The Diary of Lieutenant Desmond Mulholland MC

Shortly after midnight on 10th July 1940 Lieutenant Desmond Mulholland of the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry, together with Lieutenant Philip Martel of the Hampshire Regiment, arrived off the south coast of Guernsey in a submarine. Both were residents of Guernsey who had joined up on the outbreak of war with Germany in 1939. They were under orders from Winston Churchill to reconnoitre the island, which was by then occupied by German forces, and to act as guides for a planned commando raid. Sadly it all went very wrong for them for many different reasons and after about three weeks of hiding from the occupying forces they were forced to give themselves up. The day after his arrest by the Germans, Desmond began writing a diary of his time as a prisoner of war. It is a fascinating insight into the world of a POW and into the individual himself. It has a very sad conclusion which the family has wondered about for many years. It is a must read for all those who have an interest in this part of history or the life of a POW or simply in the study of human nature.

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